That’s putting it mildly.  Paige’s jammed space is filled with original funk art, wooden signs, dinosaurs & reptilian figures, and all things surreal.  A true celebrity host, stage name of “Rama P. Jama,” with guest appearances on television, radio and local jazz events.  If you are lucky, on certain days, he can be found playing a banjo while singing show tunes.  Dealer 223 – Upstairs.

Paige**  paige:lite  paige:lamp

Paige:art:3  Paige:art:2

paige:alien  paige:chair  paige:nose


From Bauer, Jadeite, Flower Frogs, Record Albums, Buttons, Rare Dolls to Garden Critters; check out the great collections in Rosie & Mike’s super eclectic spaces.  Specializing in Big Sur Jade, Maxfield Parrish, and authentic Vintage Monterey. Fun, cool finds.  Dealer 556  – Main Floor.

Rosie/Sign/Chairs  cupboard:bauer  posterPitschke's  cupboard



Donna & Bob bring their fun and unpredictable eclectic flavor to the upstairs with beachy accents, vintage garden furniture, and wine barrel bands fashioned into hearts, orbs and bunnies.  Fun shopping here. Dealer 653 – Upstairs.

angels  iron fishDonna/sign  Donna/car

donna:type  Donna  heart bands


You will find just a little bit of everything vintage in Jeannette’s spaces.  Linens, platters, glassware, pottery, children’s books, telephones, tins, kitchen, and so many too numerous to mention. Quimper, antique children’s cups, 1950’s tablecloths and linen are pictured here.  Dealer 86 – Main Floor/Upstairs.

Jeannette:linensJeannette:kids cups

Jeannette:clothsJeannette:quimper  jeannette


Greeting cards, Blue Willow dinnerware, Old Japan, linens, kitchen and vintage bottles may be discovered while shopping in Sandi’s eclectic mix.  Dealer 507 – Main Floor & Upstairs.

Sandy:japan  sandy:blue willow



Enjoy Heidi’s collections of Raggedy Ann Dolls, Hot Wheels, Kitchen, Porcelain, and exquisite Carnival Glass. Dealer 526 – Upstairs.

heidi:singer  Heidi:carnival



Sheila brings to the Mall, fragrant hand-crafted soap from Big Sur.  Wonderful scents such as Grapefruit, Lavender, Peppermint and a Calming Blend are offered for sale, along with organic pottery soap dishes and books on Big Sur.  Dealer 715 – Main Floor.

soap  soap:book



We welcome Jill, a seasoned show dealer and daughter of our fabulous kitchen dealer, Marie. Jill’s upstairs space is filled with delightful garden tools, school flags, thermos’, books and fun whimsical collections. You will not be able to leave her space without purchasing something.  Dealer 736 – Upstairs.

thermos coca-cola-group