Merchandise Gallery

VINTAGE is the new and evolving way of furnishing our homes, satisfying our passions, and adding to our collections. There’s beauty in the way heirloom silver fades to a subtle exquisite patina; the scent of old books that have been tucked away somewhere in an attic trunk; the charm of someone else’s worn handle on a garden tool or the rustic beauty of chipped and peeling vintage doors. It’s a celebration of things that were made to last and the people who preserved them, so they would in time, find their way into our hearts.


ch:3 ch:5 ch:4ch:6 ch:7 chand:8 chandelier Sannie:octo:2  Jane:chand

gallery:chand:2  gallery:chand  crystal chand.

chandelier  Deb:chand  paige:lamp


STAINED GLASS  stained glass    Stained Glass/4

stained glass  Stained Glass/2

Stained Glass/5




dogs:2  geraniums

j.lennon    blonde  jane:art 

Jane:fruit  beach art   

corn  dogs  watermelon

Polynesian  sea otters



aqua chcair doors  door:iron

Mid-Century  FURN:2  FURN:4

retro chairs  cin:cupboard  Rosie/Sign/Chairs

Al:chest  chest  dresser

Yara:chair  Yara:screen  Diane:furn.

Sannie:Room  gallery:furn  floral chair

ann:waterfall  SAnnie:chairs

linda:mission  linda:cabinet  andy:chair

gallery:doors  blk chairs  yellow:green doors

linda:tile table  carmen:yel.chairs

furniture  mike:table  jane:cabinet

farm table  western table

cupboard  tables  bridal

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